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Simple and useful composition. Check what you will find in HelloECO cosmetics.
Simple and useful composition. Check what you will find in HelloECO cosmetics.

It is easier to observe what is good for us and what our skin does not like. Hence the simple, unprocessed (unrefined) ingredients that make our compositions, because only from such quality raw materials our skin has a chance to draw.

If you don't understand what's in a cosmetic, just don't buy it!.

We also knew that we wanted to explain in a simple and understandable way what is in the cosmetic, so that you could choose it properly, without dilemmas, without an incomprehensible language, "composition" in Latin. It results from legal requirements, but it tells us nothing, consumers ... See how we developed the label so that you can read the ingredients. The ingredients are listed in order - from those with the highest concentration. At the end there are those with the lowest. Now you know exactly what you are buying.

What do we add to HelloECO recipes?

Water and hydrolates

 Water is the basis of our cosmetics, without it it is difficult to talk about good absorption and hydration. It is not a cheap filler, but an element without which most of the ingredients would not penetrate further. Cosmetics based only on fats and oils, precisely because they do not contain water, should be applied to a wet body ...

Hydrolates  are plant waters obtained by steam distillation. They have many valuable properties just like the plants from which they are obtained. They perfectly cleanse the skin, smooth and moisturize.

Our favorite is the geranium hydrolate because it intensifies the action of other hydrolates and moisturizes well. You will find it in our face serum.serum do twarzy

Butter and unrefined oils, cold pressed, from organic farming, certified

HelloECO nierafinowane masła kosmetyczne


Our beloved cocoa butter - fresh, natural, rich in potassium, magnesium and iron. We love its anti-aging effect. And that intense chocolate fragrance ...


We also fell in love with coffee butter, which is made from cold pressed oil from roasted coffee beans. We add them to our body butter-emulsion, for those of you who love coffee and its aroma, but most of all when you need strong regeneration and renewal. This butter helps when you struggle with sagging skin (e.g. during a diet when you lose kilograms) or after strong sunbathing, when the skin needs hydration and regeneration.


Raw, unrefined, with a characteristic nutty smell. We use them in many recipes because they are suitable for all skin types. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


Heals and softens, smoothes and improves skin elasticity. For all these wonderful properties, we add them to hand creams and lip balms. Be sure to try and check for yourself.  kremy do rąkbalsamy do ust


Dark brown, has a beautiful resinous structure and a very original fragrance. We enrich with Bacuri buster our body butter-emulsions because it soothes irritations. It helps care the skin of the elbows and knees, which often require regeneration.

Key oils in our formulas

HelloECO nierafinowane oleje kosmetyczne

Avocado oil

Made of avocado fruit pulp. A very, very valuable oil for us with a strong regenerating effect. On its basis, a recipe for a hand cream was created, which is a real rescue, especially for damaged hands, especially in winter. In summer, it is great for tanned skin, repairs "damage" from the sun. .

Hazelnuts oil

From hazelnuts. Hand cream must not leave a greasy film - it should be absorbed quickly. That's why we use hazelnuts oil in our hand serum. It is perfectly absorbed, it is a wealth of vitamins A and E, it revitalizes all skin types, including capillaries.

Rice oil

It does not cause allergies, it is gentle but stimulates repair processes and rejuvenates. It is the basis of our "white", fragrance-free hand cream and intensely moisturizing body lotion.

Oil from the flowers of Monoi de Tahiti

It is a macerate of Monoi flowers (Gardenia taitensis) in coconut oil. Monoi flowers are harvested by hand and macerated in coconut oil for several days. We love its miraculous properties of softening the epidermis, moisturizing the skin, and protecting it from wind and sun. Monoi oil is a relief in the care of sunburned skin. You will find it in our body lotion: Intensely moisturizing body lotion  Balsam do ciała intensywnie nawilżający

Oil from unroasted Polish pumpkin seeds

We discovered pumpkin oil from a Polish supplier as an extraordinary source of vitamins (A, C, E, D, K) and minerals. We use this extremely nourishing oil in the recipe of a body butter emulsion. We use its anti-inflammatory, regenerative and skin brightening properties.

Macadamia oil

It has a beautiful amber color. It is an irresistible proposition for aging skin, macadamia oil regenerates and smoothes it. It is also a rescue for skin with cellulite. We used macadamia oil in our body butter-emulsion with an unearthly aroma of chocolate ;-) body butter-emulsion COCOA masło-emulsja do ciała KAKAOWE

Brazil nuts oil

Effective against skin imperfections when you need a quick recovery. It improves blood circulation in the skin and is a great moisturizer. You will find it in our coffee butter-emulsion.  Masło-emulsja do ciała KAWOWE


One of the underappreciated oils in cosmetics, we used it, in hand scrub. We use the unrefined form, because it has the highest content of vitamin E. It contains naturally lecithin, which perfectly moisturizes and protects the skin. It gently emulsifies with water (merges into a creamy emulsion), so use a scrub on wet hands. Apricot oil with an extremely light texture, rich in vitamins A and E. We use it in our coffee body scrub using its moisturizing and smoothing properties.  kawowym peelingu do ciała wykorzystując jego właściwości nawilżające i wygładzające.

Raspberry, jojoba, watermelon, coconut and almond

We used this mix of oils for our lip balms. We composed them with raspberry oil for its anti-inflammatory properties and good UV protection. We used jojoba oil because it contains a large amount of vitamin E, has regenerative, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It penetrates all layers of the skin, has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. Watermelon seed oil is an exceptionally light and rare oil, it is well absorbed, moisturizes and soothes irritations. It is characterized by a high content of biologically active substances: provitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C and PP.

Active ingredients

We also use active ingredients in our recipes. We select them consciously, studying and educating ourselves about their properties and applications. You can do it for the rest of your life! We have a goal :-)


gluconolactone (PHA acid obtained in the fermentation of corn kernels), which moisturizes, accelerates cell regeneration and improves the condition of the vascular skin. PHAs are a new generation of hydroxylic acids. They have the characteristics of AHA acids (lactic acid, almond), but they are more delicate. They do not cause redness, peeling or burning. Their main role is to moisturize.


we use a stable form of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), which is not degraded in cosmetics containing water. The addition of vitamin C is designed to reduce discoloration and skin spots.

Vitamin E

Vitamin present in almost all our cosmetics. It protects unrefined and cold-pressed oils from going rancid. It is the "elixir of youth", it promotes the formation of collagen.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide, vitamin PP)

It has anti-inflammatory properties, lightens discoloration, reduces the production of sebum, helps with acne lesions. It is hypoallergenic. We use it in our micellar face make-up remover.


Bamboo  is the fastest growing plant in the world, actually it's grass. Perfectly moisturizes, smoothes and stimulates collagen production. It is a rich source of silica that strengthens the nail plate. That is why it has been used in our cancer and nail serum.  serum do rak i paznokci.


Aloe  is anti-inflammatory and astringent, and accelerates the healing of pimples. We use this extract in our micellar liquid.  płynie micelarnym.

Urea and allantoin

Urea  is a highly moisturizing substance. You will find it in our hand creams and body lotion.

Allantoin  is a derivative of urea. It regenerates and soothes. It facilitates the healing and renewal of damaged epidermis, reduces burning, soothes redness of sensitive skin. We use it in micellar liquid and serum for cancer and nails.

Sorbitol and propanediol

Sorbitol  is a substance of natural origin. It smoothes, improves elasticity, and regulates the processes of proper epidermis renewal.

Propanediol  is a moisturizing substance obtained from corn kernels. We use it not only for better hydration but also to stabilize vitamin C and acids.

Lanolin, lecithin

Lanolin  is a secretion of the sweat and fat glands of sheep and is produced in the process of cleaning raw sheep's wool. It is obtained without harming the animals. Its composition is similar to the natural fat layer - sebum, which covers human skin. It perfectly softens the skin, eliminates its roughness. Creates a positive occlusive layer that maintains hydration for a long time. Lanolin is a non-vegan ingredient and is found in our lip balms and hand and nail serums.

Lecithin is obtained from unmodified soybeans. It softens the skin, facilitating the penetration of active ingredients.


Candelilla wax is of plant origin. Regenerates, oils, smoothes, tones, prevents excessive evaporation of water from the surface of the skin.

Beeswax  is a non-vegan substance. Produced by the honey bee without harming these insects. It moisturizes and protects the skin and prevents it from drying out.

Essential oils

Our cosmetics also include natural essential oils:  cypress, cedar, cedrowy, lavender, grapefruit, orange, cinnamon leaves, bergamot.

It is an element of aromatherapy :-) Oils are volatile compounds that have been extracted from various parts of plants by distillation or squeezing the peel or flesh (citrus). They have an intense aroma characteristic of a given plant. We use them to enhance the action of active ingredients.

Citrus oils - grapefruit, sweet orange relieve nervous tension, refresh and disinfect, help to firm the skin.

Virginia cedaroil has a calming and toning effect, cinnamon leaf oil - stimulates blood circulation.

Cypress energizes. energetyzuje.

Lavender regenerates. regeneruje.

Remember, however, that essential oils, despite their many advantages, are common allergens and may be poorly tolerated by the skin. Our cosmetics always contain allergens on the label, usually: Linalool, Limonene and Geraniol. They are natural ingredients of essential oils.

If you are allergic after using the cosmetic, you should stop using it.