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Get to know your skin and choose your cosmetics properly
Get to know your skin and choose your cosmetics properly

How to recognize your skin type?

Proper skin care starts with getting to know your skin type. This, in turn, allows you to choose the right cosmetics ;-) Several years ago, the division was simple, cosmetology distinguished 4 types of skin: dry - oily - combination - normal. Once the skin type was diagnosed, it stayed with us for a long time, the diagnosis was rarely departed from ;-) With this approach, the choice of care was simple! Today, we live in completely different conditions, we are influenced by ecology and environmental changes. Assessing symptoms, such as oily skin, is not enough to determine your skin type. Age also does not matter (acne appears in 40-year-olds). You need to delve deeper, look at what kind of skin we have from nature and what it has become under the influence of external factors and the method of care.

Blood vessels are another factor that determines your skin type. The skin may be shallowly vascularized with or without visible capillaries. And could you get normal skin from nature? One that is smooth and that responds properly to environmental influences and changes in the atmosphere? Science claims that the concept of normal skin in adulthood does not exist. And yet we can make the skin look young and healthy :-)

We have influence on it

-> balanced diet rich in antioxidants (antioxidants, e.g. vitamin C, E, A, coenzyme Q10, ferulic acid) and minerals

-> well-chosen care

-> hygienic lifestyle

Problem skin

it develops on the basis of oily or oily vascular skin

Add up the number of answers for each skin type. Where you collected the most, that's your type.

Problem skin

it develops on the basis of oily or oily vascular skin


large, dilated pores


purulent eruptions



tendency to scarring

gray, sallow skin with uneven color

Interactive skin

it develops on the basis of dry vascular or oily vascular skin

sensitive to heat, cold and wind

reacts with redness to changes in temperature

reacts by redness to emotions, nerves, stress (spots on the neckline, blushes)

reacts by irritation to cosmetics

very red after consuming warm food, alcohol, caffeine

delicate, parchment

visible blood vessels

Hyperpigmentation skin

develops under the influence of environmental factors

clear dark spots on the skin

Prematurely aging skin

found in people with genetically dry and oily skin. It can appear in people even around the age of 30

flabby, inflexible (sloping face oval)

wrinkles at the nasolabial folds, around the eyes, on the forehead

gray color, uneven pigmentation, spots

roughness, dryness, loss of shine

bursting blood vessels

the skin ages inadequately with its age