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CO2 extracts - highly concentrated plant extracts
CO2 extracts - highly concentrated plant extracts

While developing the recipe of our raspberry face cream (our novelty ;-), we thought about how to maximize the miraculous effects of extracts, how to choose the ones that are obtained by the most effective method to make the cream effective ...

Such topics are our obsession ;-)

We asked ourselves one of the tough ones: what makes the face cream work?

If we fill it with plant extracts, will we achieve the effect? Probably in the short term, but the jar with the product is on the store shelf for several months. What to do to ensure that all this benefit survives and is still effective? It turns out that you have to go back to the beginning, to assumptions, to philosophy; you need to find a good raw material, but also to know which method it is obtained and which method gives the best results.

And we want to briefly write you about this, because unfortunately you will not read it on the product label (no space! Uh….). Ultimately, we used CO2 extracts for our cream, i.e. highly concentrated plant extracts, incredibly rich in active ingredients!

It is important for us that each raw material is the natural origin and obtained in a manner that is safe for health. CO2 extracts are products of natural origin, obtained by a modern method of extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2). As one of the safest solvents, it is non-toxic and neutral to our body. Under normal conditions, it is an odorless, odorless gas. During extraction, it turns into a liquid, retaining the properties of a gas. Liquid CO2 acts as a solvent. After obtaining the extract, carbon dioxide evaporates and is not present in the composition of the final product.

This method of obtaining extracts gives us a product of the highest quality, clean and fresh. The advantage of this method is that it does not use elevated temperature and oxygen, which destroy sensitive ingredients. CO2 extracts have a longer expiry date (up to several years!), A more pleasant smell (clean and fresh), more saturated colors and intense action even at low concentration.

In our raspberry face cream, we used raspberry seed CO2 extract, which works well in the care of skin prone to blackheads, oily and acne prone skin. It smoothes, moisturizes and regenerates sensitive, dry and mature skin.It is a great antioxidant, protects against solar radiation, has anti-inflammatory properties.That is why our "raspberry" was created for all skin types, the effect of the extract used is so versatile ;-) Test and we are waiting for your feedback! We created as many as 3 different capacities (15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml). Choose the best capacity for you, when you travel, in your bag or if you simply want to try out this product;-)

Do as you like!